Aged care podiatry services

Maintaining our resident’s foot health

In our aged care home, podiatry services are implemented to maintain good foot health for our residents. Our expert podiatrists create individual care plans, ensuring tailored interventions that prioritise the well-being and comfort of each resident.

Foot care in our aged care home

At Oxa Care, our podiatry services are a cornerstone of our commitment to comprehensive aged care services. We prioritise the foot health of our residents by providing the same podiatrist for continuity of care. 

Eligible residents benefit from fully covered podiatry services, meeting strict accreditation requirements and ensuring that our facility staff collaborates seamlessly with our podiatrists to enhance the overall well-being of our residents.

Our podiatry services go beyond routine care; they are crucial in early detection and prevention. By focusing on the lower limbs, our podiatrist can identify potential issues before they escalate, contributing to our residents' overall health and mobility. This proactive approach aligns with our dedication to ensuring that every aspect of our aged care services promotes the highest standard of care and quality of life for those entrusted to our community.

Fully furnished Oxa Care bedroom
Ultimate comfort

Hotel-quality services

At Oxa Care, we pride ourselves on providing hotel-quality services, ensuring that our residents experience the utmost comfort and hospitality in their home away from home.

Allied health worker assisting a resident
Allied health

Allied health services

Our comprehensive allied health services aim to enhance the overall well-being of our residents, offering tailored care from a team of dedicated professionals.

Resident at the nurses station
Medical equipment

On-site medical equipment & aids

We maintain residents’ well-being with on-site medical equipment, including mobility aids, ensuring our dedicated staff can provide optimal care in our community.

Discover our other services

Oxa Care residents celebrating India independence day

Oxa Care celebrates diversity, welcoming residents from all walks of life and fostering an inclusive and vibrant community.

Oxa Care resident with a small dog on her lap

Pet therapy brings the joy and comfort of animal companionship to our residents, enhancing their emotional well-being.

Oxa Care residents taking part in an exercise class

Our exercise classes are designed to keep residents physically active and engaged, promoting fitness and vitality.

Art Therapy In Aged Care | The Benefits of Art Therapy

Run by licensed therapists, our invaluable art therapy sessions improve residents’ mental, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities. Learn more.

Resident playing the guitar

Music therapy sessions are available to provide residents with emotional and cognitive support, fostering a sense of comfort and well-being.

Oxa Care's residential aged care activity on golf putting green

A wide variety of engaging activities at Oxa Care cater to residents' interests and preferences, ensuring they have an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle.

Oxa Care's residential aged care wellness program hairdressing

Wellness programs focus on the holistic well-being of our residents, promoting physical and mental health to enhance their overall quality of life.

Oxa Care food platter

Our food services at Oxa Care are designed to provide residents with nutritious and delicious meals, ensuring a pleasurable dining experience.

Two residents laughing
Hear from our residents and family members
"The staff at OxaCare are wonderful looking after my Mum. She is well looked after and she loves it there. Plenty of activities for her to do which she loves. The staff always keep me updated with Mum which I'm grateful for."

Dorothy McPhan

Family member

Why choose us?

Oxa Care's facilities provide a supportive and enriching environment, ensuring a home where compassion meets excellence in elderly care. Committing to fostering a sense of community and personalised attention, we stand out as the ideal choice for those seeking the best in aged care facilities.

State-of-the-art facilities

Oxa Care boasts state-of-the-art facilities that provide residents with a comfortable and enriching environment, ensuring the highest standards of care and well-being.

Hotel-quality catering

Our hotel-quality catering service elevates the dining experience for residents, offering delicious and nutritious meals that cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Happy resident sitting and smiling

Flexible pricing options

As a newly established state-of-the-art residence, we provide superior facilities and services compared to other homes in Melbourne. Our modern and spacious rooms are larger and boast an average cost savings of up to 33% compared to other Melbourne residences. Additionally, we collaborate with residents and their families to tailor flexible payment plans that suit their individual needs—feel free to inquire with our team for more details.

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The DAP is a non-refundable accommodation payment that is paid daily.
Combination Payment
This is an apportioned combination of the RAD and DAP payments that can be adapted to suit your financial situation. A partial lump sum payment is provided and a daily fee is charged on the outstanding amount. Drag the slider to change the contribution.
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$71,500 once off + $97.80/day

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our podiatry services.

Why is podiatry important for our elderly residents?

Podiatry is crucial for our elderly residents as it focuses on maintaining good foot health and addressing common issues affecting mobility and overall well-being. Regular podiatry care helps prevent discomfort, enhances mobility, and reduces the risk of more severe complications.

How often do residents receive personalised podiatry services?

Our residents benefit from personalised podiatry services tailored to their unique needs. The frequency of these services is determined by individual requirements, ensuring that each resident receives the attention necessary to maintain optimal foot health.

What foot issues do podiatrists commonly address among the elderly?

Podiatrists commonly address various foot issues in the elderly, including corns, calluses, fungal infections, and structural concerns like bunions or arthritis. They also play a crucial role in early detection and management of issues related to infection control, ensuring a proactive approach to foot health.

How does podiatry collaborate with other healthcare services?

Podiatry collaborates seamlessly with other healthcare services through a coordinated approach. Communication and information sharing among healthcare professionals ensure comprehensive care for residents. This collaboration is particularly essential in areas like infection control, where podiatrists work alongside other healthcare providers to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

What signs indicate the need for podiatry services, and how can family members stay informed?

Signs indicating the need for podiatry services include persistent foot pain, changes in skin or nail colour, and difficulty walking. Family members can stay informed by actively participating in care discussions, attending scheduled appointments, and communicating any observed changes or concerns to our healthcare team, ensuring timely intervention and infection control measures if needed.

The role of podiatry in aged care facilities

In aged care, podiatry is vital in maintaining residents' overall health and well-being. Podiatrists address common foot issues prevalent among the elderly, such as corns, calluses, and fungal infections, preventing more severe complications. Their expertise helps alleviate discomfort and contributes to early detection and management of potential complications, ensuring residents can maintain an active and comfortable lifestyle.

Group of residents in a communal area

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