Palliative care in aged care

Our end of life care facility

At Oxa Care, we provide compassionate palliative aged care, ensuring residents receive support, pain management, and emotional comfort during this sensitive phase of life. We are committed to maintaining residents' dignity and well-being throughout their journey.

Resident talking to a care team staff member
Main lobby of Oxa Care

Palliative care services in residential aged care

Oxa Care's palliative care services are designed to provide compassionate and personalised support to residents during the end-of-life phase. Our experienced team focuses on pain management, emotional well-being, and maintaining residents' dignity, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable transition.

  • Compassionate end-of-life support.
  • Pain management and symptom relief.
  • Emotional and psychological support.

More palliative care services we provide

Resident being fed by a care team staff member

Our specialised cancer care focuses on alleviating pain and enhancing quality of life through tailored treatment plans.

Resident talking to a care team staff member

Our palliative services provide comprehensive support for residents suffering from dementia.

Staff member checking blood pressure of resident

We provide comfort and support for residents in palliative care with lung disease.

Loved one helping admit elderly resident to Oxa Care

Our facility provides 24hr care and comfort for motor neurone disease residents.

Staff members helping an elderly resident

Trust in our palliative care services that offer full support to Huntington's disease patients.

Staff member talking to a resident

Our palliative care will help residents suffering from cardiac disease enhance their quality of life.

Resident talking to another resident

Our palliative services are tailored to support residents suffering from symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Staff member talking to a resident

Palliative stroke care concentrates on alleviating discomfort and improving the quality of life for patients

Staff member and resident posing for a photo

From emergency planning to rapid palliative care, we’re here to help.

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Oxa Care's luxurious foyer
Oxa Care in Epping's luxurious and spacious bedroom

Premium rooms

Out of 450 rooms in 148 Melbourne aged care homes, our premium rooms are 25.4% bigger than average premium rooms, 16% cheaper (if paying RAD) and 19% cheaper (if paying the maximum daily price). Our modern rooms are spacious and fully furnished for residents and their families.

Oxa Care staff serving up food to residents

Food catering

We have a rotating food calendar that meets the dietary needs of our residents. We ensure our meals are easy to chew and are prepared according to our residents' religious requirements.  

Resident having their blood pressure measured with an Oxa Care staff member

Medical equipment

We house our residents' latest medical equipment on-site, including lifting machines, transport machines, wheelchairs, shower commodes and more. 

Oxa Care residents exercising with resistance bands
Hear from a resident
“The care and support provided at the residential care facility has been exceptional. My loved one feels safe and comfortable, and the staff go above and beyond to meet their needs.”

John Doe

Family Member

Why choose Oxa Care?

Oxa Care stands out for its unwavering commitment to premium aged care, ensuring that residents receive top-tier support in a safe and welcoming environment. Oxa Care's emphasis on holistic well-being, community activities, and emotional support sets us apart as a service provider dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents in our care.

35+ years of experience

Oxa Care has over thirty years of experience in the aged care sector. It is in the top 1.26% of Melbourne aged care facilities for “resident experience,” making us a trusted choice for families seeking reliable care services.

Hotel-quality services

Oxa Care integrates hospital-grade and hotel-quality processes into its routine daily operations, ensuring added value without additional costs and ultimately delivering exceptional value for money.

Happy resident sitting and smiling

Quality care at an affordable price

At Oxa Care, we are committed to providing exceptional care at an affordable price, ensuring that residents receive the highest level of service without financial burden. Our affordability does not compromise the quality of care; residents can expect top-tier support and services within their budget.

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Frequently asked questions

Our frequently asked questions address important aspects of end-of-life care, ensuring that families and residents comprehensively understand the support available at Oxa Care.

How does Oxa Care approach palliative care?

Oxa Care approaches palliative care compassionately, providing specialised support for individuals with a life-limiting illness. Our team, which includes allied health professionals, focuses on pain management, symptom relief, and medical treatment, ensuring that residents receive personalised and dignified end-of-life care tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

What pain management and symptom relief options are available?

Oxa Care offers a range of pain management and symptom relief options as part of our palliative care services. These options are tailored to each resident's specific needs and may include medication, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, and counselling. We aim to ensure that residents experience comfort and relief during this phase.

How does Oxa Care maintain a safe environment during palliative care?

Oxa Care is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment during palliative care. We implement stringent safety protocols, including 24-hour monitoring and surveillance, to ensure the well-being of residents. Our staff is trained to respond effectively to emergencies, and we provide a secure and comfortable space for residents and their families to navigate this sensitive phase with peace of mind.

What role do families play in the palliative care journey at Oxa Care?

Families play an integral role in the palliative care journey at Oxa Care. They are encouraged to actively participate in decisions regarding their loved one's care, ensuring that it aligns with their wishes and preferences. Our team collaborates closely with families to provide emotional support, facilitate important discussions, and create a comfortable and meaningful environment within our residential aged care facility during this sensitive phase of life.

Can residents engage in spiritual and cultural activities during palliative care?

Yes, residents at Oxa Care can engage in meaningful spiritual and cultural activities during palliative care. Our residential aged care home recognises the importance of individual beliefs and traditions. We offer the flexibility for residents to continue practising or participating in activities significant to their spiritual and cultural backgrounds, fostering a sense of comfort and connection during this phase of their journey.

The process of entering palliative care

Entering palliative care is a compassionate process designed to provide comfort and support for individuals with serious illnesses. Our healthcare team begins by conducting a comprehensive assessment to understand the resident’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Discussions involve the patient, their family, and medical professionals creating a personalised care plan focusing on pain management, symptom relief, and quality of life. 

The team may include doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplains, all working together to ensure the patient receives holistic care. Communication is key throughout the process, ensuring that the patient and their loved ones are informed and supported every step of the way.

Resident viewing their care plan with staff and a family member

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