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Leisure and lifestyle activities at Oxa Care

Oxa Care offers a diverse range of aged care activities, ensuring that our lifestyle activities satisfy residents with varying interests and abilities. Our activities are designed to keep residents active and engaged, promoting their physical and mental well-being while fostering a strong sense of community within our facility.

Keeping aged care residents happy

At Oxa Care, our primary goal is to keep our aged care residents content and happy through a diverse range of engaging activities. We understand that happiness is closely tied to one's sense of purpose and well-being. 

That's why we provide a broad spectrum of activities, from fitness classes to art and cultural programs, to cater to the diverse interests and abilities of our residents. These activities ensure that they remain physically and mentally active, creating a positive and joyful atmosphere within our facility. 

Our commitment to keeping residents happy through activities is an integral part of our holistic approach to aged care and is why we’re in the top 1.26% of Melbourne aged care facilities for “resident experience”.

Residents enjoying a cultural celebration
Community activities

Increasing social interactions

Engaging in community activities fosters connections and social interactions among our residents at Oxa Care, promoting a vibrant and lively environment.

Residents taking part in cognitive activities
Cognitive activities

Mental stimulation

Cognitive activities are thoughtfully designed to enhance mental stimulation and provide a fulfilling experience for our aged care residents at Oxa Care.

Residents gathered in a communal area
Group activities

Bringing residents together

Group activities offer residents opportunities to socialise, engage, and connect with their peers while participating in various enjoyable pursuits.

Our leisure and lifestyle program

Oxa Care residents celebrating India independence day

Oxa Care celebrates diversity, welcoming residents from all walks of life and fostering an inclusive and vibrant community.

Oxa Care resident with a small dog on her lap

Pet therapy brings the joy and comfort of animal companionship to our residents, enhancing their emotional well-being.

Oxa Care residents taking part in an exercise class

Our exercise classes are designed to keep residents physically active and engaged, promoting fitness and vitality.

Art Therapy In Aged Care | The Benefits of Art Therapy

Run by licensed therapists, our invaluable art therapy sessions improve residents’ mental, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities. Learn more.

Resident playing the guitar

Music therapy sessions are available to provide residents with emotional and cognitive support, fostering a sense of comfort and well-being.

Oxa Care's residential aged care activity on golf putting green

A wide variety of engaging activities at Oxa Care cater to residents' interests and preferences, ensuring they have an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle.

Oxa Care's residential aged care wellness program hairdressing

Wellness programs focus on the holistic well-being of our residents, promoting physical and mental health to enhance their overall quality of life.

Oxa Care food platter

Our food services at Oxa Care are designed to provide residents with nutritious and delicious meals, ensuring a pleasurable dining experience.

Two residents laughing
Hear from our residents and family members
"The staff at OxaCare are wonderful looking after my Mum. She is well looked after and she loves it there. Plenty of activities for her to do which she loves. The staff always keep me updated with Mum which I'm grateful for."

Dorothy McPhan

Family member

Why choose Oxa Care?

Oxa Care's unwavering commitment to excellence in aged care guarantees top-quality services and support. Our dedicated team of specialists prioritises resident well-being and ensures they receive individualised care, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Helping residents to stay active

Our approach to resident well-being places a strong emphasis on physical and mental activity, offering a variety of opportunities for residents to participate in activities that align with their interests and abilities. From group exercises and leisurely strolls to engaging in art and cultural programs, there's something for everyone to enjoy and stay active.

Stay a part of the local community

Our approach emphasises not just providing care but also ensuring that our residents continue to engage with the local community. We organise activities and events that promote interaction with local groups, helping residents feel connected and involved in the vibrant life of the community.

Happy resident sitting and smiling

Affordable aged care pricing

At Oxa Care, our spacious rooms are 50% larger on average for a daily lower price, allowing us to provide affordable aged care without compromising on quality. Our pricing structure is designed to offer competitive rates, making it accessible to a wide range of residents. We believe that quality care should be affordable, and our transparent pricing model reflects this commitment to delivering value for our residents and their families.

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Frequently asked questions

We answer some frequently asked questions we receive about our activities.

What types of activities does Oxa Care host?

At Oxa Care, we host a diverse range of activities to satisfy the diverse interests of our residents. From group activities and cultural events to physical exercise, our programs are designed to keep residents active and engaged.

Can elderly residents decide if they wish to participate?

Yes, at Oxa Care, we encourage residents to actively participate in the activities of their choice. We believe that involving them in the decision-making process enhances their well-being and ensures that they are engaged in meaningful and enjoyable experiences.

Can family members participate in hosted activities?

Family members are absolutely welcome to join in the activities hosted at Oxa Care. We value the importance of family involvement and aim to create a sense of community that extends beyond our residents, including their loved ones.

What types of physical activity are available?

Our physical activity programs at Oxa Care are diverse and cater to residents with varying mobility levels. We offer exercise classes focusing on gentle movement, ensuring that all residents can find an activity that suits their abilities and preferences. 

Why are lifestyle activities so important in aged care homes?

Lifestyle activities play a crucial role in aged care homes for several reasons. Firstly, they help maintain and improve residents' physical and mental well-being, enhancing their overall quality of life. Secondly, these activities promote social interaction and a sense of community among residents, reducing feelings of isolation. Lastly, engaging in various lifestyle activities can stimulate cognitive abilities and offer a sense of purpose, which is vital for the mental health and happiness of elderly individuals.

Two residents in conversation

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