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Palliative care services for Dementia in our aged care home

At Oxa Care, our palliative care services are designed to provide comprehensive support for residents with dementia. Our compassionate team works closely with residents and their families, ensuring comfort and dignity throughout their journey with us.

Dementia treatment and aged palliative care

Oxa Care takes a comprehensive approach to dementia treatment in aged palliative care, acknowledging and addressing the distinctive challenges, such as behavioural and psychological symptoms, to improve residents' quality of life. Collaborating closely with family members, we provide compassionate care that prioritises comfort and dignity, irrespective of life expectancy, ensuring a supportive environment for people with advanced dementia.

Nurses helping eldery resident
Health professionals

Health professionals

Our dedicated health professionals, including skilled nurses, are committed to providing expert and compassionate care, ensuring the well-being and comfort of our residents.

Interior of Oxa Care in Epping
Compliant facilities

Compliant facilities

Our facilities are meticulously designed and maintained to adhere to stringent compliance standards, ensuring a secure and regulatory-compliant environment for our residents.

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Resident-centred care

Resident-centred care

Resident-centred care is our guiding philosophy, where each individual's unique needs and preferences are prioritised, fostering a supportive and personalised living experience.

Our other palliative care services

Staff member and resident posing for a photo

From emergency planning to rapid palliative care, we’re here to help.

Staff member talking to a resident

Palliative stroke care concentrates on alleviating discomfort and improving the quality of life for patients

Resident talking to another resident

Our palliative services are tailored to support residents suffering from symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Staff member talking to a resident

Our palliative care will help residents suffering from cardiac disease enhance their quality of life.

Staff members helping an elderly resident

Trust in our palliative care services that offer full support to Huntington's disease patients.

Loved one helping admit elderly resident to Oxa Care

Our facility provides 24hr care and comfort for motor neurone disease residents.

Staff member checking blood pressure of resident

We provide comfort and support for residents in palliative care with lung disease.

Resident being fed by a care team staff member

Our specialised cancer care focuses on alleviating pain and enhancing quality of life through tailored treatment plans.

Oxa Care resident stretching and exercising
Hear from our residents and family members
Dad is in Oxa Care and I can’t speak highly enough of the staff who look after him. The facility is like a 5-star hotel with plenty of activities and large recreational areas with bright decor. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Tina Georgiev

Family member

Why choose Oxa Care?

Oxa Care stands out as a premier choice due to our expertise in palliative medicine, addressing the needs of elderly residents facing life-limiting illnesses and chronic diseases. Our commitment to providing compassionate and tailored care and a focus on enhancing the quality of life should make Oxa Care your number one option.

Advance care planning

At Oxa Care, we prioritise advanced care planning, ensuring residents have comprehensive and personalised plans to address their evolving healthcare needs and preferences proactively.

Pain and symptom management

Our dedicated team employs a compassionate and comprehensive approach to pain and symptom management, prioritising the comfort and well-being of our residents throughout their care journey.

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Comfortable rooms at affordable prices

We are dedicated to providing competitively priced aged care services that offer exceptional quality and value for our residents. Enhancing the premium living experience, our spacious rooms are 25.4% larger than average premium rooms, offered at a 16% cheaper RAD and a 19% cheaper maximum daily price. Our commitment is ensuring families can access top-tier care without compromising their budget.

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The DAP is a non-refundable accommodation payment that is paid daily.
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Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive about dementia care.

How do we tailor palliative care for residents with dementia?

At Oxa Care, we tailor palliative care for residents with dementia by adopting a personalised approach. Our dedicated team considers individual needs, behavioural aspects, and emotional well-being. Through specialised interventions, we aim to enhance comfort, maintain dignity, and provide holistic support that prioritises the unique challenges associated with dementia.

Does dementia qualify for palliative care?

Absolutely. Dementia is recognised as a life-limiting illness, and elderly individuals experiencing its early and advanced stages are eligible for palliative care at Oxa Care. Our comprehensive approach addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of residents, ensuring a compassionate and supportive environment throughout their journey.

Can family members actively engage in the palliative care process?

Yes, we encourage and value active family engagement in the palliative care process. At Oxa Care, we recognise the importance of family involvement and foster open communication channels. Family members are integral partners in creating personalised care plans, ensuring the well-being and preferences of their loved ones are at the forefront of our approach.

How do we address end-of-life challenges for residents with dementia?

Addressing end-of-life challenges for residents with dementia is a priority at Oxa Care. Our team employs a compassionate and multidisciplinary approach, enhancing the quality of life, providing comfort, and supporting residents and their families through this sensitive time.

Does Medicare cover palliative care for dementia?

Medicare typically covers the majority of your palliative care expenses, and additional coverage may be provided by private health insurance when utilising private health services. However, certain services might incur out-of-pocket costs. Our team assists families in navigating the financial aspects and optimising the available resources to support the best possible care for residents with dementia.

How we support people with dementia in our care

We provide specialised support for individuals with dementia, recognising it as a life-limiting illness. Our approach is tailored to their unique needs, ensuring compassionate care that prioritises their comfort and dignity. Through personalised strategies and a supportive environment, we aim to enhance the quality of life for those in our care with dementia.

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