Emergency palliative care

From emergency planning to rapid care, we’re here to help

Our in-house palliative specialists are ready to respond to sudden and life-threatening emergencies day or night. But, before that hour comes, we also work with the families of our residents to create comprehensive palliative emergency care plans.

In a palliative emergency, peace and dignity come first

Even under the most stringent care, illness and old age can bring unavoidable surprises into the lives of our residents. It’s our responsibility to be ready for them.

We work with all of our residents and their families to create care plans in the event of a palliative emergency. Our plans will cover the likely resident-specific causes of the emergency, options for pain management, resuscitation, risks, access to specialists, and the unique desires of each resident for their end-of-life care.

In the event of an emergency, our teams will respond in accordance with the plan (or, when adaptation is required, with the spirit of the plan) to preserve the physical and emotional well-being of those who trusted us with their care.

Bedroom inside Oxa Care home

Premium palliative accommodations

Our definition of premium exceeds industry standards—our rooms are 25.4% larger than the average premium aged care accommodation.

Nurse feeding a resident
24-hour care

24-hour care

You can prepare for an emergency, but you cannot predict one. We monitor our residents around the clock to improve our chances of quickly identifying a palliative emergency.

Nurse assisting resident with pain management
Pain management

Pain management

Every patient responds to pain differently, depending on the severity of their pain and the nature of their affliction. We offer several solutions, including medication, to ease suffering.

Our palliative care services

Staff member talking to a resident

Palliative stroke care concentrates on alleviating discomfort and improving the quality of life for patients

Resident talking to another resident

Our palliative services are tailored to support residents suffering from symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Staff member talking to a resident

Our palliative care will help residents suffering from cardiac disease enhance their quality of life.

Staff members helping an elderly resident

Trust in our palliative care services that offer full support to Huntington's disease patients.

Loved one helping admit elderly resident to Oxa Care

Our facility provides 24hr care and comfort for motor neurone disease residents.

Staff member checking blood pressure of resident

We provide comfort and support for residents in palliative care with lung disease.

Resident talking to a care team staff member

Our palliative services provide comprehensive support for residents suffering from dementia.

Resident being fed by a care team staff member

Our specialised cancer care focuses on alleviating pain and enhancing quality of life through tailored treatment plans.

Resident laughing with a staff member
Hear from our residents and family members
"The place is first class, the staff are extremely caring, and the meals are wonderful. Cannot recommend this place highly enough."

Jen Brown

Family member

Trust Oxa Care

Palliative care requires a delicate balance between medical expertise and human connection. We care for people at their most vulnerable. Our residents’ journeys force them to confront existential challenges, but can also reveal their inner strength and grace. As their caregivers, we are deeply committed to supporting them through these vulnerable moments, embracing the responsibility with the utmost seriousness. Over the years, we've honed our approach and expanded our capabilities to ensure we can offer guidance and support to our residents and their families through every palliative challenge. We understand the depth of what it takes to provide such care, and we're here to navigate it together.

Community is everything

Between our staff's experience and our other residents' support, there’s always a strong support network to rely on.

Tailored treatment

We tailor every aspect of our services to ensure that, even in an emergency, every resident’s wishes and needs are fully met.

Happy resident sitting and smiling

How to pay for emergency palliative services

We offer flexible payment options, allowing you to choose between an initial lump sum and an adjustable daily fee. The slider below is designed to help you find the payment plan that best suits your needs during your stay with us. The $550,000 payment will be completely returned to the resident's estate upon their stay's conclusion.

Call now
Call now

Speak to a care expert about pricing

Available now
Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
The RAD is a one-off, government-guaranteed, fully refundable lump sum.
Daily accommodation payment (DAP)
The DAP is a non-refundable accommodation payment that is paid daily.
Combination Payment
This is an apportioned combination of the RAD and DAP payments that can be adapted to suit your financial situation. A partial lump sum payment is provided and a daily fee is charged on the outstanding amount. Drag the slider to change the contribution.
Less once off
Less / day
$71,500 once off + $97.80/day

Tour our palliative care facilities in Melbourne

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions or concerns about life at Oxa Care, please do get in touch.

What is a palliative care emergency?

A palliative care emergency is a sudden and life-threatening situation or complication that requires immediate attention and management. Since palliative care focuses on improving quality of life rather than curing illness, these emergencies are managed to ease distress and address the specific needs of the patient and their family.

What are the types of palliative care emergencies?

Palliative emergencies can involve acute changes in symptoms or the onset of new, distressing symptoms that significantly impact the quality of life of patients with severe, advanced illnesses. 

Examples of palliative care emergencies include:

  • Severe pain
  • Bleeding and internal haemorrhaging
  • Acute shortness of breath
  • Delirium and acute confusion
  • Convulsions
  • Spinal cord compressions
  • Fractures
What kinds of palliative specialists help with emergency care?

Our emergency palliative care team includes a range of specialists in-house and within our carefully selected external network. For personalised palliative care, we might suggest:

  • Physiotherapists to ease physical discomfort
  • Occupational therapists to assist with everyday tasks
  • Speech therapists to support communication and swallowing
  • Dietitians to tailor meals according to physical capabilities
  • Psychological and spiritual advisors to nurture emotional well-being

Rest assured, our warm, professional team is here to support every aspect of your care journey.

How do I create a palliative emergency care plan?

Creating a palliative emergency care plan involves thoughtful preparation and collaboration between our residents, their families, and healthcare providers.

The plan aims to ensure that the patient’s wishes are respected and that care is effectively managed during a health crisis, especially when the patient cannot make decisions for themselves. 

Book a consultation with us, and we’ll talk you through every step of creating an emergency palliative care plan. In the meantime, here are some steps we’ll work through with you.

  • Understand the patient’s condition: we’ll start by understanding the specifics of the patient's illness, including likely emergencies that could arise and how they should be managed.
  • Discuss goals and preferences: we’ll have open discussions with the patient and their families about the goals of care, including how much intervention you wish to have in emergencies. These conversations should cover resuscitation, hospitalisation, and the use of ventilators or feeding tubes.
  • Identify a healthcare proxy: you will need to designate a healthcare proxy or durable power of attorney for healthcare, someone who can make medical decisions on the patient’s behalf if they are unable to do so.
  • Consult healthcare providers: Work with our healthcare team to understand potential emergency scenarios and how they can be managed according to the patient's wishes. We will also work closely with your preferred external specialists.
  • Document the plan: clearly document the agreed-upon care plan, including the patient’s preferences and any specific medical orders, like a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order or other advance directives.
  • Communicate the plan: ensure that all family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers are aware of the plan and know where the documents are kept. Consider filing a copy with the patient’s primary healthcare provider and the local hospital.
  • Review and update regularly: review the plan periodically and update it as needed, especially if the patient’s condition or preferences change.
  • Emergency contacts and information: The plan should include a list of emergency contacts, the healthcare proxy, and essential health information, making it easily accessible in an emergency.

Creating a palliative emergency care plan is critical in ensuring that a patient’s end-of-life care wishes are honoured, providing peace of mind for both the patient and their loved ones. It’s a process that encourages dignity, respect, and compassionate care during the most vulnerable times.

We're here for you as your partner and guide

Facing an incurable and life-limiting condition is undeniably challenging. There’ll be uncertainty and anxiety, some of which we know can't be eased. However, we also know the strength and solace found in community support.

Remember, we are here at any hour to talk about your loved one's condition, answer your questions, and, with empathy and understanding, help adjust their care and end-of-life plans.

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