24 Hour Aged Care Services

Our around-the-clock care team

At Oxa Care, our aged care services are provided by dedicated care workers who are diligently monitoring safety around the clock. Residents benefit from continuous support, ensuring their well-being and security are prioritised at all times.

Providing compassionate companionship 24/7

At Oxa Care, compassionate care is at the heart of everything we do. We go above and beyond by offering emotional support and physical assistance around the clock. Families enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved ones receive attentive care 24/7.

We understand that constant care should not come at the expense of residents' comfort, and we strive to create an environment where residents feel cared for without feeling like too much trouble. Our holistic approach ensures that the care we provide contributes positively to the overall well-being of each resident. 

Our team is committed to ensuring residents not only receive quality care but also experience a good night's sleep. We understand the importance of restful nights for health and well-being, and our staff diligently work to create a serene environment throughout the day and night.

Nurses interacting and reading to a resident
Safety and security

Safety and security

We prioritise the safety and security of our residents, creating an environment that fosters a sense of protection akin to their own home.

Oxa Care nurse helping a resident eat
Mobility support

Mobility support

Residents with physical limitations benefit greatly from our mobility support, provided by a dedicated registered nurse who ensures personalised assistance.

Oxa Care health professional helping resident walk
Specialised care

Specialised care

We offer specialised care tailored to meet each resident's unique needs, ensuring individualised attention and support for their specific health and well-being requirements.

Our nursing services

Oxa Care's residential aged care nurse embracing elderly resident

We provide dedicated cancer care services to support residents through their journey, focusing on their physical and emotional well-being.

Oxa Care's residential aged care nurses in discussion with elderly resident

Oxa Care offers dementia care, creating a safe and nurturing environment for residents with cognitive impairments.

Oxa Care nurse assisting elderly resident with food

Stroke care services have a focus on rehabilitation and recovery to help residents regain their independence.

Oxa Care's residential aged care nurse showing compassion to elderly resident

Our dedicated team offers specialised care for individuals with Parkinson's disease, providing tailored support to enhance their quality of life.

Oxa Care's residential aged care nurse assessing elderly residents pain management

Pain management is a top priority, with specialised services to ensure residents' comfort and well-being.

Oxa Care's residential aged care running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our facility provides 24-hour care, ensuring residents have access to support and assistance whenever needed.

Oxa Care resident stretching and exercising
Hear from our residents and family members
"What can I say about this place, very beautiful, hotel like residential place. I recently booked one of their dining rooms to celebrate an occasion with my mother, and we had a great time. The room was all equipped to ensure all guests were happy."

Luke Nikoloski

Family member

Why choose Oxa Care?

Choose Oxa Care for a holistic approach to care that prioritises aged residents and considers the entire family unit. Our commitment is to enhance everyone's life, creating an environment where residents receive personalised support and families experience peace of mind. With a focus on comprehensive care, Oxa Care is dedicated to fostering a community that prioritises the overall well-being of residents and their loved ones.

Emotional support

Emotional support is integral to our approach, providing residents with a compassionate environment where their emotional well-being is prioritised and nurtured.

Tight-knit community

We foster a tight-knit community where residents form meaningful connections, creating a supportive and inclusive environment that enhances the sense of belonging and well-being.

Happy resident sitting and smiling

Comfy rooms at comparable prices

Oxa Care recognises that choosing an aged care home involves significant financial and emotional commitments. We assist families in determining the most suitable pricing option, offering hotel-quality rooms with fees that are up to 33% more affordable compared to over 140 aged care providers in Melbourne.

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Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
The RAD is a one-off, government-guaranteed, fully refundable lump sum.
Daily accommodation payment (DAP)
The DAP is a non-refundable accommodation payment that is paid daily.
Combination Payment
This is an apportioned combination of the RAD and DAP payments that can be adapted to suit your financial situation. A partial lump sum payment is provided and a daily fee is charged on the outstanding amount. Drag the slider to change the contribution.
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$71,500 once off + $97.80/day

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions we receive about our 24/7 care.

What services are provided during overnight hours?

At Oxa Care, our overnight services include continuous monitoring by dedicated care staff, assistance with personal needs, and prompt response to any emergent medical requirements. We strive to create a secure and comfortable environment for residents during nighttime hours.

How are emergencies handled during non-business hours?

Emergency situations are managed promptly at Oxa Care during non-business hours. Our trained staff is equipped to handle emergencies efficiently, ensuring residents receive immediate attention and appropriate medical assistance when needed.

Are there specific staff dedicated to nighttime care at Oxa Care?

Yes, Oxa Care has specific staff dedicated to nighttime care. Our trained and compassionate team works diligently to provide round-the-clock support, addressing residents' needs and ensuring a safe and secure environment throughout the night.

How are personal and medical needs addressed during overnight shifts?

During overnight shifts, our staff addresses residents' personal and medical needs. Whether it's assistance with daily activities or responding to health concerns, our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive care to enhance the well-being of residents.

Is the 24/7 care inclusive of weekends and holidays at Oxa Care?

Yes, our 24/7 care at Oxa Care is inclusive of weekends and holidays. We understand the importance of consistent care, and our commitment extends to ensuring residents receive unwavering support and attention every day of the week, year round.

Why 200 care minutes per day is important

A minimum of 200 care minutes per day is crucial in aged care to ensure residents receive comprehensive and personalised attention. This allocation allows for fulfilling various needs, including medical care, personal assistance, and social engagement, contributing to overall well-being. By dedicating sufficient time to individualised care, we enhance the quality of life for residents, addressing their unique requirements with the attention and consideration they deserve.

Oxa Care team running activities with residents

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