The Importance of Planning Out A Parent’s Move into Aged Care

In this article, we’ll offer some tips and advice on how to start planning for moving your loved one into aged care.

Oxa Care Team

April 17, 2023

You may have reached an age where the dynamic between child and parent has changed. You may have reached a point in life where it is now your responsibility to start caring for your elderly parents’ needs.

There are a number of important things to consider when making the difficult decision to look into aged care options for your parents. Aged care discussions can include considering financial decisions for the future, current health care required by your parents, and choosing an aged care facility.

Discussions around moving your parents into an aged care home is often a sensitive topic. However, it’s vital that you plan your parents’ move into an aged care home carefully so that the best outcome is achieved for everyone involved.

In this article, we’ll offer some tips and advice on how to start planning for moving your loved one into aged care.

How to start planning a parent’s move into aged care

So how exactly can an adult child start planning to move one or both parents into aged care? The first step is to sit down and have an open discussion. Find out what your parents’ preferences and needs are first.

If you are able to have open discussions with your parents about this decision, it will make the transition easier for them. It’s important to start considering aged care options earlier rather than later, this way you won’t be rushed into making a big decision quickly. There will be less pressure to make a decision and more time to look at and evaluate all of the options available.

Choosing the right time to start this dialogue is essential. Pick a time when you and your parents won’t be disturbed. If you can sense that your parent feels uncomfortable discussing aged care, you can always drop the subject and revisit it at another time.

Who should be involved in the discussion?

If you have siblings, you may want to involve them in the aged care discussions with your parents. If they are willing to be involved in the aged care planning process, you will definitely want to make sure everybody is on the same page.

If you’ve already had a few unsuccessful attempts at starting this conversation with your parents, you may want to bring in an outside person into the discussion of aged care, for instance, the family doctor.

It’s important to know that unless your parent has lost the capacity to make decisions, you cannot force somebody into aged care. A judgment as to whether or not your parent has lost capacity must be made by a medical practitioner.

What happens once your parents agree to enter aged care?

The next step when planning your parent’s move into aged care is to find out if they qualify for it. To get your parent assessed for aged care admission, you’ll need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. The team at My Aged Care will ask a series of questions before referring on for assessment and eligibility.

Once approved, the next step in planning your parent’s admission into aged care is to start looking around at aged care facilities.

It’s important to understand what your parent is looking for and find a place where they can live comfortably. Take your time with your search and explore each option thoroughly. We can guide you through this process here at Oxa Care in Epping. Give us a call on 03 9804 0809.

What about financing my parent’s accommodation in aged care?

When it comes to navigating the fee structures in aged care homes, this is where things can get tricky. Each home sets its own fees. Some aged care facilities offer government subsidised places, whereas others don’t.

It can be extremely helpful at this stage of planning to bring in an aged care financial planner. They can help you untangle and make sense of the confusing fee structures, assess your parent’s eligibility for government funding, and guide you through any forms that Centrelink may require.

By allowing an aged care financial planner to take care of the financial aspects and tasks associated with moving your parent into aged care, you can focus your energy on finding the best aged care home for your parent. It can also offer your parents the peace of mind to understand that they can afford the transition into care and dispel any myths or incorrect information that may have been blocking their decision to move.

Outsourcing the financial aspects of aged care living will also remove some of the stress and allow you to support your parent as they make this big life transition.

For more information or advice please contact Oxa Care.

Oxa Care Team

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